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    Vendor Access


    VendorAccess was created by with the intent to innovate and create a better way to facilitate communication and transactions between vendors and property management companies.

    Entrata has a strong history of developing disruptive software. Even though we work in a very traditional industry, we're not afraid to shake things up if it means doing them better. As a result, Entrata's products are now utilized across the United States by over 900 management companies.

    VendorAccess operates seamlessly within Entrata's open platform, the first of its kind in the multifamily industry.

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    Transparent Business Requirements

    Customer requirements are easily accessible and clearly explained in a uniform format so you know exactly what you need to do to become compliant so you are eligible to secure their ongoing business.

    Up-to-Date Business Information

    Easily provide properties with your updated information by uploading documents like your W-9 or changing your business payment address in one centralized location.

    Non-compliance Notifications

    Your customer's key business requirements will be clearly outlined, and you'll be notified if you are not in compliance or have compliance items that are about to expire so that you can quickly address them and get back to doing business.

    Efficient Orders & Payments

    Electronic Purchase Orders - Receive orders from management companies electronically. With immediate access to information, there are no more delays waiting for a fax or letter.
    Electronic Invoicing and Tracking - Invoice customers electronically in Entrata and know exactly when it has been viewed or paid by the management company.

    Strength of the Entrata Platform

    By joining VendorAccess you join a growing network that is able to work in a unique way with Entrata’s user base of 900+ management companies and over 3.3 million apartment units.

    Free Enrollment

    Unlike other systems that you may have utilized, there is no fee to enroll and connect with customers.


    3.3 Million

    units to be serviced


    Over 900

    property management companies